Thursday, April 11, 2013

An Unsettling Turn of Events at Hubris House

Hey Blogpeople,
Many things have happened since you last heard from me. So many things. Horrible things (like utterly horrifying), good things, disappointing things... we've had just a ton of stuff happen at Hubris House and environs. And they are still happening.

I have been writing (and deleting) posts- this is like post twenty-eleventy-twelve- but I'm going to publish this one because everyone knows that twenty-eleventy-thirteen is a lucky number.

Writing, in a way, hasn't even been on my list of concerns. Strange but true. Every time I turn around it seems like some new awful thing has happened. The worst though?

I now know what it's like to actually find someone who has died unexpectedly. It is worse than I had ever imagined and not as bad at the same time. Weird. It's weird. And indescribably awful.

And I learned that the stuff that happens afterwards is much, much worse than books and TV make it out to be. This guy wasn't murdered or anything so it wasn't like that, but he was a friend and that made it... difficult. He was also deeply involved in other aspects of our lives (I simply can't be more specific) and that has created a very real uncertainty about our future.

I can't write about that stuff here.

But I'm here. I'm alive. My family is alive and they're doing as well as can be expected. I haven't sunk into some kind of writerly funk (or any other kind). To be fair though, I haven't touched my WIP in two weeks. Considering all that's happened, writing a paranormal kind of book centered around what happens to people after they lose someone unexpectedly is both untimely (or super timely depending on how you look at it) and unfortunate.

But I'm finally able to get back to work. Maybe it'll suck, maybe my new experiences will help make the book more realistic (I, frankly, hope not. It's about as real as I can stand right now) but, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. I just need to finish this book. Sucky parts can be edited but unfinished parts are just nothing. 

And that's the news from the Subtle front this week. As much of it as I can talk about anyway. The writing stuff. Sorry. More news will be forthcoming once things are more settled. Maybe.


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