Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Only the Essential Facts of Life

Heya Blog People,

A sad part of writing full time is that one has great difficulty doing it and something else. This one anyhow. No music, no walking on the treadmill and writing, very little movement. I get up every so often and let the dogs out or do some thing that must be done (usually refilling the teapot) but the time I spend writing is mostly just spent wiggling my fingers around and talking to myself.

To be fair, I only write for a small fraction of my day (a third maybe- sometimes more sometimes less.) I could certainly work in thirty minutes of exercise. Probably I should vacuum more frequently too. I could fill up every non-writing waking hour with movement. And cleaning. 

But I don't. 

At least, I didn't.

My daughter has decided that we are too sedentary and it's time to make exercise a priority. She's right, of course. For her I will do this thing I despise- exercise just for the sake of exercise. I have high hopes that it will spark some kind of untapped fitness mania that will overcome my desire to not overwork these old bones.

So far all I have is sore knees and asthma. 

But I get to spend time roaming the neighborhood greenways with my kid. That's pretty fun. Walking on public paths behind private houses is interesting too- you get to see the messy side of peoples' lives and also many, many old Christmas trees. Of course if one has a good imagination one also sees poisonous snakes, lurking malefactor shadows, and possible shallow graves pretty much everywhere. These lazily imagined, dangerous potentialities make  walking so much more interesting. 

Nature, though I am allergic to all of it these days, is wonderful. It's all good. Well worth the effort. We have slacked in the hiking department since we moved south because it's so darned hot here all the time. And also bugs. And snakes. And poison everything. I'm glad my kid won't broker any excuses anymore because I miss being out in the woods. And exercise is important. 

Plus, and this is super sappy but true, it's really nice to spend actual time with my kid in these last few months of her childhood even if a lot of it is spent hearing about how we can't just come back at Christmas and pick up a still green tree from the neighbor's old Christmas tree pile, or how a compost pile is not a lazily dug final resting place for a neighbor we haven't seen for a while. I think she's going to miss me next year when she's in college.


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