Friday, May 25, 2012

Bang, Bang... Your Deadline

Heya Blogpeople,

Well, your submissions for the 'write your own post' blog post have been slow to come in, which was not unexpected- what writer passes stuff in long before the deadline?. If you'd still like to write your own post- think of it as a guest blog- please do. I'll extend the deadline until June 5. Anything goes. Poetry, some rant, cooking, advice. Go nuts. I do it every week you can do it just once. I'll choose two entries. Send 'em to my email address mkmbrick at gmail dot com (only, you know, type it in correctly).

Deadlines- what an aptly named thing. 

So today marks the forth month since I started this book. I still have about 20,000 words to go. Four good writing days. I'd like to go someplace quiet and finish it in two (or one really long one) because my deadline is five writing days away and I'm concerned that I'll be late. I am deadline obsessed.

I'm already a little late. I had intended, in January, to finish three books by June 1. Yeah, that was an experiment doomed to failure. I tend to do research even if the book is just fun and it was too confusing to be thinking of so many different things at once. I also experimented with different pre-writing prep techniques. One was based on an outline, another was based on an outline and plot structure, and the other was based purely on plot structure (Problem or attack, initial struggle, etc). The first two were easy. I, of course, chose the third to complete first (the other two books will be completed by January.)

It's been work writing just based on plot structure because it leaves so many things open. I have enjoyed the challenge but I will never do this again. Probably. Maybe it's because I decided to complicate it by choosing a complicated structure then weaving in two major plot lines. To me it's a lot like braiding with five strands of yarn instead of three (why braid with three when you know how to do five? Hello, fabulous) which is fine if that's the look you're going for but a little tricky at first. 

It's a lot to keep in mind which is why I write a real time summary while I'm working. I write it in pencil because every twist requires a note and sometimes things twist rather more than I had intended. I know, the computer erases easily too but I like to keep a physical folder with the important pre writing stuff written on the cover and other writing stuff kept in the folder (1 sentence synopsis, 1-2 pp synopsis for Q-letter, 1-2 page brief summary, 5 page detailed summary, details of queries sent, responses, contests entered, a paper copy of the book- that kind of thing since I know I'll need it and I like to have paper copies in case my computer goes all HAL on me). Phew, you'd think writing was work or something.

The hardest part has been making the book sound easy and uncomplicated. To read it you would never know how challenging it was to write. I hope, when it's finally finished, that it reads as well as I think it does. Editing will shine its unflattering light upon the text and then we shall see.

Another difficult aspect to this book has been the voice that I use. It is more simple than, but otherwise not dissimilar from, the subtly hubristic voice you all know and, presumably, don't hate.It's amazingly difficult since I would really like to use a greater variety and complexity of words than is really appropriate for the tone of the book. Blah. I have a bunch of leftover words at the end of the day and they haunt me. It was worth it though. I think. The next book is specifically written for writers so I can use whatever words I want without worrying about ostracizing readers with my vocabulary. 


Look at what I'm dealing with every day and I still manage to get a post or two out a week. The least you can do is write one lousy post. Yeesh, I mean, please.

Have a wonderful week,